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We are a full-service law firm based in Richmond, 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Our initial interview is completely free. We will have a chance to get to know each other better. We will establish an understanding of your legal issue. We will go over the options you have, and explain the costs of each. Faley Law Corporation offers over 60 years of combined experience in business and corporate law, real estate, civil litigation, immigration, family law and wills and estates.

Real Estate Law

Conveyancing & Mortgage Registration. We offer a wide range of real estate services including but not limited to preparing rental/lease agreement, commercial lease agreement, letter of intent, offer to lease, roommate agreement, notice of termination, eviction notice, notice to enter, notice of intent to vacate premises, real estate transactions and transfers, real estate purchase agreement, subleasing forms, commercial sublease agreement, residential sublease agreement, lease amendment and assignment, landlord’s consent to lease assignment, lease assignment agreement, lease amendment, equipment and property rental, equipment rental agreement, and personal property rental agreement.

Family Law

We offer a host of family law legal services. We can help you with marriage and separation, prenuptial agreement, separation agreement, child consent, child travel consent, child medical consent, cohabitation agreement, and common law partner agreement.

Business & Corporate Law

Among the many business and corporate services that we provide, the following are the most popular: purchase and sale of a business, incorporation of new business, contracts, purchase and sale of shares.

Wills & Estate

We offer same-day wills services. We can prepare your Last Will and Testament or Gift Deed in less than 24 hours. We can also help you with the preparation of Health Care documents, including Health Care Directive, Living Will, and Child Medical Consent. We can also help you prepare Power of Attorney, Procuration, and Revocation of Power of Attorney.

Civil Litigation

Our experienced civil litigators have appeared in the Provincial Court of British Columbia and the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Among the many services we offer, the following are debt collection, contract disputes, construction disputes and builders liens, real estate disputes, landlord/tenant Disputes.


We offer immigration services including, business immigration, work, and employment immigration, post-graduation immigration, family sponsorship, Student, and Visitor Visa (including SuperVisa)

Notarization Services

Whether it is notarization of a single page of your passport or a more complicated, multipage document, we often can help you on a walk-in basis, you don’t need to make an appointment. We also offer Notarization and Certification of Chinese documents.

We are a full-service law office based in Richmond, British Columbia. Our lawyers and staff are ready to serve you in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Farsi with a service that is both culturally-sensitive and comfortable for you. We offer you the best service, making you the focal point of our attention. Whether working individually or as a team, our lawyers and support staff provide you with the benefit of their expertise and experience in the most cost-effective manner. At Faley Law, we are committed to your interests and help you achieve the outcome you seek. We look forward to serving you.

We have experienced lawyers and notaries public, articled students, conveyancers, and other full-time and part-time support staff
Benedict Lam

Benedict Lam

Lawyer and Notary Public

Mr. Lam is a senior lawyer at Faley Law. He was the founder of Benedict Lam Law Corporation the predecessor of Faley Law Corporation. He is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia. He stays involved with the business as an adviser.

A. Adena Lee

A. Adena Lee

Lawyer and Notary Public

Ms. Lee is a senior family lawyer at Faley Law. She completed her undergraduate degree in commerce, followed by her law degree at the University of British Columbia. She has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia in good standing since 1992. Ms. Lee focuses her practice mostly on family law matters, custody litigation, parenting time litigation, civil litigation in matters other than family law, and real estate law. She is a principal at Faley Law Corporation and oversees the conduct of one articling student.

Henry Ka

Henry Ka

Lawyer and Notary Public

Mr. Ka is a business lawyer at Faley Law. He has been a member of the Law Society of British Columbia in good standing since 2014. Mr. Ka focuses his practice on business law, commercial law, company law, and real estate conveyancing for commercial and residential purchases and sales.

Timothy Wan

Timothy Wan

Lawyer and Notary Public

Mr. Wan is an Associate Lawyer with Faley Law who focuses on business law, family law and estate law. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia and earned his law degree from the Australian National University. Timothy spends most of his time servicing clients between Vancouver and Richmond. His fluency in Cantonese and basic proficiency in Mandarin allows him to engage his clients from a multi-cultural perspective. Outside of the office, Timothy enjoys playing sports and traveling to places he has never been before.

Samin Mortazavi

Samin Mortazavi

Articled Student

Mr. Mortazavi is an articled student with Faley Law Corporation who focuses on family law, real estate law, and civil litigation. He graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Thompson Rivers University in 2018. During the summer of 2017 Samin attended The University of Augsburg School of Law for European and International Economic Law program. During the summer of 2016, he attended Bucerius Law School, Germany’s number one law school, in Hamburg for International Business Law program. Before those, he has completed two undergraduate degrees, one in sciences and the other in business administration, followed by a Master of Business Administration or MBA. Samin is currently working on his thesis for a doctorate in business administration or DBA.

Norman Jiang

Norman Jiang

Paralegal and Conveyancer

Mr. Jiang is a designated paralegal at Faley Law Corporation. He has been with the firm since 2009. In his career, he has been involved with civil litigation, commercial law, estates and trusts, family law, immigration law, and real estate conveyancing.

Betty Lee

Betty Lee


Betty has been with the firm since 2010. She has extensive experience in commercial and residential conveyancing. She also helps our lawyers in other capacities as well.


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